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“They say a picture is worth a thousand words!! The positive environment has been transforming physically and mentally for me, it was just what I needed!! I never would have thought I could lose weight by eating more of the right foods instead of starving myself!!

I’m living a different lifestyle now and it’s becoming an example, it’s not just talk, it’s a walk.

It’s pretty awesome when you’re, I don’t know just doing something as simple as picking up a thing at the grocery store and you’re with your 27 year old daughter and they’re like “you’re stronger than I am.”

Ann W

“January of 2020 I walked into Fit Life Gym at 226 pounds and in the worst shape of my life. This is the day I was saved, literally, saved. Josh gave me the tools and guidance I needed, like literature, a schedule, macro goals, and food suggestions. That day Josh gave me something that other gyms, trainers and nutrition counselors hadn’t in the past. Josh gave me hope.

I have lost 50 pounds and 8 inches off my hips. I achieved the weight loss with continual support from our coaches, constant encouragement from our members and by following the advice Josh gave me that day: work hard at 3-4 bootcamps a week. Don’t exhaust yourself at the gym. Make good food choices more often than not. Be nice to yourself because you deserve it.”

Shelly Z

“I joined Fit Life Gym in September of 2017 after I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I had slowly gained weight over a 15 year period and was overwhelmed at the thought of trying to get healthy by myself.

I was so welcomed from the moment I stepped through the doors and the support both professionally and emotionally are worth more than I can begin to explain. Since then, I have lost around 35 pounds, but gained so much more! Strength, confidence, friendships, and, maybe most importantly, my voice!

This gym has taught me how to make myself a priority, and that has been a blessing in all aspects of my life and for those around me as well.”

Melissa P

“About 6 months into my time with the FLG Fit Fam, I decided that I needed to do more than just exercise to reach my goals of improved mobility and energy. 

So, inspired by your (other member) stories, I adopted some healthier eating habits, and over the next 3 months I achieved those goals, and lost 20 lbs. along the way!  So glad to be part of this family!”

Eric Bartlett

“My journey started before I came to FLG- with bariatric surgery in March 2019.

I am taking back my life! I started FLG 5 months post op and have been getting stronger to go with my weightloss.

I am physically able to do things I could never have done without boot camp and feel myself getting stronger daily!”

Kate W

“I know I’ve put in the hard work, and I love seeing pay off, but I never would have stuck with it without the encouragement and positive community that Fit Life provides.

I couldn’t be more grateful to the amazing coaches that push me to get better everyday and the members that are as equally amazing. My life, in so many ways, has changed for the better.”

Katie F

“I’ve had my ups and downs but in the end, I’ve always had the amazing coaches and Wolfpack of fit family members here that have had my back and help me through my struggles.

I’ve become stronger mentally and physically and learned of many tools to carry on for a lifetime. There will always be life’s ups and downs but I know that I will be able to work through them thanks to the fit family at Fit Life Gym. I love this place!”

Heather S

“I have noticed most of my changes once I started strength training. I have lost weight, inches, and my body is so much more toned. 

The first three months I lost 10 pounds. I have kept this weight off the entire nine months I have been in PH (strength training). Consistency is Key!!

 The coaches are amazing and reassuring. Don’t give up on yourself! Life is full of ups and downs and your fitness journey isn’t any different.

Tiffany A

“I didn’t realize what a community the gym would be.  Fit Life gym is a positive environment for all.  The workouts are challenging but fun.  The coaches are always positive, watchful on form and eager to assist with any questions you have .

I have made great friendships along the way and it nice that someone cheers you on or notices that your getting stronger.  I am stronger and more toned then when I started.  I truly enjoy coming in and working out .”

Denise T

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