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 Our starting Assessment will help determine where you are and where you want to go.

With a combination of movement and strength tests, we’ll be able to customize your workout program to your level of fitness.

Fit3d Body Scan Results and your Personal Nutrition Guide will complete the picture of where you are and how we can help you reach your goals.

Quarterly follow up Assessments will make sure you’re always on track.


strength training

What is strength training? Working against resistance, in the form of weights, bands, and even bodyweight to cause muscle growth and give you a metabolic advantage.

Our Group Strength Training Sessions are small enough to ensure personalized attention while still incorporating the energy and camaraderie of a group exercise setting.


nutrition & accountability

It doesn’t matter how hard you work in the gym if you don’t match it with proper nutrition.

Different goals require different nutrition. Our Personal Nutrition Guides will help you discover the right nutrition for your specific body type, fitness level and goals.

Our Accountability Coaching will help you stay on track, course correct when needed, and advance to new goals after you reach your first one!


Strength Training offers a slower pace, which allows an individual to recover and push harder to lift heavier to receive a better muscular definition. It has made me feel better emotionally. I enjoy the group atmosphere and supporting and receiving support from others as we all compete ONLY with ourselves and NOT each other to push our limits and continue to increase the weights we lift. Seeing the progression in myself and others and knowing that even at my age, I’m able to do things that I would have never done on my own. Strength Club allows me to push my limits while being cautious and being coached properly without feeling pressured to do more than what I or my coach feels I am capable of.

Ann M

I like the slower more concentrated approach. It allows you time to focus on yourself and your form. With tracking your progress it is very easy to see where you can challenge yourself with one more rep, higher weight or faster time. It is not competitive to others but allows you time to push yourself. The groups are very supportive of each other and encouraging at the same time. 

Over the course of time I have seen myself try new things, push heavier and focus on quality. I would tell anyone nervous, scared, or unsure to give it a try. The group is diverse and offers all levels. It’s a good investment.

Tab M

Why Strength Training?



Raises your metabolic rate to burn fat


Stimulates muscle growth to improve body composition


Boosts mood and energy levels to improve mental health


Promotes better sleep patterns to increase overall health


Real people.
  Real Results.

what They’re Saying

Member Stories

“I know I’ve put in the hard work, and I love seeing pay off, but I never would have stuck with it without the encouragement and positive community that Fit Life provides.

I couldn’t be more grateful to the amazing coaches that push me to get better everyday and the members that are as equally amazing. My life, in so many ways, has changed for the better.”

Katie F

“I was so welcomed from the moment I stepped through the doors and the support both professionally and emotionally are worth more than I can begin to explain. Since then, I have lost around 35 pounds, but gained so much more! Strength, confidence, friendships, and, maybe most importantly, my voice!

This gym has taught me how to make myself a priority, and that has been a blessing in all aspects of my life and for those around me as well.”

Melissa P

“Josh gave me the tools and guidance I needed, like literature, a schedule, macro goals, and food suggestions.  Josh gave me something that other gyms, trainers and nutrition counselors hadn’t in the past. Josh gave me hope.

I have lost 50 pounds and 8 inches off my hips. I achieved the weight loss with continual support from our coaches, constant encouragement from our members and by following the advice Josh gave me that day: work hard at 3-4 bootcamps a week. Don’t exhaust yourself at the gym. Make good food choices more often than not. Be nice to yourself because you deserve it.”

Shelly Z

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