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Results Oriented 

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or simply improve your fitness levels, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll build your program to fit your goals, selecting the perfect choices from our boot camp sessions, strength training, nutrition coaching and accountability programs!

Get the features YOU need to reach YOUR goals!

Individualized Programming

We may work in group settings, but your workout will be personalized to you.

With one-on-one assessments to start your program and every 90 days, you will never be stuck with a cookie cutter program.

Our coaching team will help you work at your level and make changes when YOU need them.

Coaching Support in AND out of the gym

Our coaching team doesn’t forget about you when you leave the gym.

With our App based Support and Accountability Programs, you can reach a coach anytime, plus have a simple solution for sticking to your Action Tasks and building Consistency.

fit life provides:

everything you need to get results

Personal Assessments

Individualized Programming

Flexible Scheduling

Accountability & Goal Support

I like the slower more concentrated approach. It always you time to focus on yourself and your form.  It is not competitive to others but allows you time to push yourself. The groups are very supportive of each other and encouraging at the same time.
Tab M

“I know I’ve put in the hard work, and I love seeing pay off, but I never would have stuck with it without the encouragement and positive community that Fit Life provides.”
Katie F

Fit Life Gym is one of the best things I have ever joined. I wish I could have found them sooner! 

The exercises change all the time, and you also have modifications if you are having trouble with a specific area.

Tiffany A.

“Through the support and programs of this gym, including some basic daily habits, I’ve been able to loose 56# and counting. I have never been more active and felt as good as I do now!”
Rocky S.

I have lost around 35 pounds, but gained so much more! Strength, confidence, friendships, and, maybe most importantly, my voice! This gym has taught me how to make myself a priority, and that has been a blessing in all aspects of my life and for those around me as well. 
Melissa P.

“I’ve always had the amazing coaches and fit family members here that have had my back and help me through my struggles. I’ve become stronger mentally and physically and learned of many tools to carry on for a lifetime.”
Heather S.

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